Gallery Spirit

Gallery Spirit was founded by Maryse Moerel, in 1991 in Duivendrecht.

In 1992 the Gallery moved to the Museum Quarter in Amsterdam, into the monumental building at the van Breestraat 2A. Many solo exhibitions were organized and the gallery developed a reputation for being experts in creative fine contemporary arts radiating pure silence or joy.

In 2000 the gallery was under a complete reconstruction.

Since 2003 the gallery went into the publishing business. A collection of 60 different limited editions is realized so far and the collection is growing every day.

We are located next to the Concert Builing in Amsterdam

Dear … Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Mothers, Fathers, Uncles, Aunts, Nieces, Nephews and Family Fiends,

When you are looking for a timeless, unique and beautiful birth –gift or anniversary-gift, we might be able to help you find it. An art piece is a gift that can last the whole life of the child. And when it is properly framed, it will look as new for decades. In my own experience, I can assure you, that all the clothes and toys wear down or get lost within a few years, or even within months or weeks

And although the child is not able to play with the art piece in the outside world, the painting can play an important role in the inside world of the child.

First of all, the painting radiates a sense of joy in the room of the child. They give the atmosphere an uplifting quality. Paintings contribute stronger to a unique, cosy, joyful atmosphere in the room, than any piece of industrial fabricated furniture or decoration can do.

Further on, the paintings stimulate the fantasy of the child, especially when they are hung in a place where the child can see them from the bed.

Also nice is the possibility that some of the art pieces offer to the child to point out all the different beings on the picture and to express the things the figures feel and do. We ourselves ask our children, what the animals and people are doing today and then we let the children tell their own stories about them.

Being exposed at an early age to positive and beautiful objects, music, dance, food, etc. helps the child to develop a taste for fine quality in life. People who honestly enjoy the quality of things are in a way fortunate. Because for them it is never the quantity that counts. You could say, that these people are mastering the kill of experiencing beauty inside their being, which is, in the end, nothing else than an expression of their own inner beauty.

For fifteen years we have had the most beautiful original paintings that suit children. But we have the experience that most of the time they are too expensive as a birth-gift. Also many parents are reluctant to spend 1000 euros or more on a painting for their child’s room. The bottom line is, that from the art-world there are almost no paintings finding their way to children, because there is no money in this business to be earned.

Because we still do regret the fact that most children have to decorate their rooms with football heroes, Disney and pop stars only, we have edited an extensive collection of limited editions for children. The artists, the printers and Gallery Spirit have worked hard the last 12 months to get these editions ready. We have published 66 editions so far and we expect to publish more limited editions in the future.

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